Indoor Skydiving

M-Landarch Co., LTD is partnered with worldwide well-known SkyVenture International company is which invented the technology to create modern indoor skydiving for military training where it improves the level of virtual parachuting training, reduces the cost of using resources in training, reduces the risk of losing soldiers’ lives from the real field.

IN 2019 we operated Free fall Training Facility to Royal Thai Army at SPECIAL WARFARE SCHOOL. A 14ft tunnel, under the world’s largest company named SkyVenture International (UK) which has been certified by the Indoor Bodyflight Association (IBA) to regulate the sport, provide instructor training, ensure instructor ratings are maintained and developed, and to provide a challenging and enjoyable framework for flyer training and advancement.

Indoor Skydiving is growing. It aims to raise the profile of the sport and its leading athletes. The growth of the sport is fueled through numerous initiatives, including competitions, flyer support, development of young flyers, and marketing. We expect that this growth will ultimately lead to the sport’s inclusion in the Olympic games.