EZY Airlines Launches Inaugural Aircraft,Set to Revolutionize Southern Thailand’s Connectivity

On May 24, 2024 – Ezy Airlines celebrated the soft opening of its new aircraft at a ceremony held at the Colonial Hall, Grand Beach Resort Hotel, and Hillside Villa. This event marked the launch of the airline’s first post-training aircraft for pilots and captains, acquired in the first quarter
of the year. The new aircraft will open new routes, particularly to southern destinations, connecting cities and sub-cities to promote tourism growth and contribute to the sustainable development of Thailand’s economy and investment.

“With a vision to become the foremost short-haul airline in the region, EZY Airlines is dedicated to reshaping travel norms by reducing journey times and elevating convenience,” said General Supakorn Sanguanchartsornkrai, Chairman of the Advisory Board of EZY Airlines and
M-Landarch Co., Ltd. “Our aim is to drive economic growth, enhance tourism, and create investment opportunities, thereby unlocking the southern region’s boundless potential.”

EZY Airlines is prepared to offer both scheduled and charter flight services using
the Cessna 208B Grand Caravan Ex aircraft. These 12-seater planes will initially operate along
the Hua Hin route to southern destinations, with Hat Yai International Airport serving as the primary flight hub. The airline will connect major cities and provinces, including Betong, Surat Thani,
Nakhon Si Thammarat, Narathiwat, Phuket, and Krabi by offering flights that can complete
these journeys within 60 minutes.

Recognizing the challenges posed by the region’s extensive distances and year-round rainy climate, EZY Airlines seeks to address the travel needs of tourists and businessmen alike.
By streamlining travel within the province, the airline aims to generate value for the company, business stakeholders, and residents while fostering new business opportunities.

million tourists visiting
the southern region in 2024, EZY Airlines sees significant investment potential in meeting
the growing demand for airline services. The company’s business plan for 2024 includes training pilots and captains, establishing partnerships with businessmen, travel operators, hotels, and hospitals, and developing comprehensive marketing strategies to offer special packages and seamless travel experiences for customers.

Looking ahead, EZY Airlines plans to expand its operations to cover other regions of Thailand and connect with neighboring countries, such as Malaysia and Indonesia, in the medium term of 3-5 years. As a licensee of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, M-Landarch Co., Ltd, the operator of EZY Airlines, is committed to redefining the travel experience through innovation and advanced travel ticket distribution platform technology, aligning with the government’s Smart Airport policy.

With its inaugural aircraft ready for takeoff, EZY Airlines is set to revolutionize southern Thailand’s connectivity, bolstering economic growth, supporting tourism, and facilitating investment opportunities in the region.

About EZY Airlines
Ezy Airlines, a subsidiary of M-Landarch Co., Ltd, is a licensed operator under the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand with a registered capital of 92.7 million baht. With a strong background in small aircraft distribution, the company collaborates with business partners to develop innovative products that incorporate cutting-edge technology. Our mission, “Easy every trip, punctual, convenient, fast, and safe,” reflects our commitment to redefining the travel experience and ensuring the highest standards of comfort and safety for our passengers. This commitment aligns seamlessly with the government’s Smart Airport policy.