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The Future is Unmanned

AeroVironment is a world leader in the design and manufacture of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Since the introduction of Pointer in 1987, considered by many to be the first true small UAS for military use, AeroVironment’s unmanned aircraft systems have supported U.S. and allied Armed Forces with reconnaissance data, helped protect endangered wildlife and preserve the environment.

AeroVironment’s UAS continue to set the standard for delivering increasingly valuable capabilities in the most challenging conditions. These systems are used extensively by the U.S. military and allied forces to help establish intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) superiority on the front lines of today’s hot zones. In fact, AeroVironment has won every United States Department of Defense competition for programs of record involving small UAS.

UAS have more than proven their value in the military world. Today, UAS are utilized for applications closer to home. Whether monitoring our borders, protecting its citizens, monitoring pipeline utility assets or finding those who are lost and in distress, small UAS can be launched quickly, day or night, to provide precise situational awareness whenever and wherever they are needed.