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NewSwift LT 1.2m Ku Band Antenna

High Performance Integrated Satellite Terminal

The NewSwift LT 120 motorised antenna system is a highly compact, lightweight, integrated vehicle mountable satellite terminal designed for rapid deployment. Featuring a double pressed aircraft grade alloy reflector with low RMS surface error which, when used with the 35dB X-Polar isolation offset feed, enables low sidelobe, high EIRP transmissions that are commonly required for higher data rate services (both for mobile internet and DSNG purposes). 

The NewSwift's unique design can also house a redundant or phase combined RF package, mounted within the antenna pod. The compact design minimises vehicle roof real-estate requirements. Also, since the whole antenna (including the equipment housing or Pod) rotates the need for an Azimuth waveguide rotary joint is eliminated. This minimises post HPA waveguide loss which in turn maximises TX EIRP. 

The Ku feed has full +/-90° of polarisation travel making it especially suited for use with the ACU5000 series Auto Acquisition Antenna Controller enabling eliminating the requirement for a Spectrum Analyser. 

The NewSwift LT is also available with a carbon fibre reflector.

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