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Mantis 240 Antenna

The Mantis 240 is a three-box 2.4m carbon fibre multi-band Flyaway Antenna solution ideally suited to the worldwide SNG market. The lightweight carbon fibre feed arm houses two independent waveguide runs from the rear of the hub to the feed cartridge enabling multiband operation by feed cartridge substitution.

The lightweight construction and quick-deploy capabilities of the Mantis 240 make it ideally suited as a temporary or portable IP terminal for rural or emergency deployment to allow internet access in remote locations.

The Mantis 240 can be supplied in sub 32kg IATA compliant packaging consisting of two carbon fibre cases (which attach together when deployed to form a stable base for the antenna and a stable platform for uplink electronics), a rifle case for the feed arm and three Astraboard foamed carry cases for the reflector petals.

A two-axis motorised solution is also available for the Mantis 240 and this is supplied with the ACU5000 Antenna Controller with optional Auto-Acquisition and tracking and DCU5000 Drive Unit integrated into a AFD5000 series half-width lightweight flight case.

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