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Ground Surveillance Radar

The SR Hawk™ ground surveillance radar provides continuous 360-degree surveillance for personnel, land vehicles, marine vessels and low-flying aircraft. It delivers unprecedented advantages in range and probability of detection while maintaining a small RF signature. Superior accuracy, both in range and azimuth, allows for better performance with image cueing, classification and identification of targets. The SR HawkGSR automates electro-optic sensor cueing, audible alerts, multi-target tracking and advanced anti-clutter techniques, allowing the operator to focus on what’s really important – the threat.

The SR Hawk GSR is the best value system in its class. It is designed, manufactured and fully supported by SRC.

  • Proven all-weather operation
  • Rapid set up and tear down
  • Intuitive and easy to operate
  • Low false alarm rate
  • Network ready (SEIWG ICD-0101B)
  • Ideal for integrated solutions such as cueing a visible/IR camera
  • Full remote operation
  • Low lifecycle cost