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Airborne Communications

Vislink products, noted for their compact, lightweight design are ideally suited to airborne use, in both relay/repeater/re-bro and heli-tele systems.


Key features include:



  • Allows 19MB true HD airborne cameras to operate in rugged 16QAM-mode, giving unbeatable performance and extended range.
  • 20MHz mode allows 2 RF channels to be combined giving a total bit-rate of 39MB at 16QAM – valuable as an ultra-wide downlink channel when relaying several signals from ground-based transmitters such as camera bikes during marathon coverage.


Deep Interleaving

  • The next leap forward in RF technology, deep interleaving can fill in gaps in transmission caused by transmitters travelling under trees, bridges or street furniture.
  • Ideally suited to long distance race events covered by chase bikes/cars and helicopter relays and recently used to cover the London Marathon.