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Air Ambulance Equipment


Air Ambulance Equipment for Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing

Spectrum Aeromed is a leading designer and manufacturer of customized air medical and air ambulance equipment.The company works closely with air medical and patienttransport crews to equip all types of fixed and rotor wing aircraft with highly specialized, innovative and field-tested life support solutions. 


For more than 20 years, aircraft operators from around the world have specifically reached out to Spectrum Aeromed, located at Hector International Airport in Fargo, North Dakota, to solve the aviation industry’s most complicated projects and comprehensive aircraft EMS interior needs. 

•    Spectrum Aeromed excels at customized work to fit all requirements.
•    Quick Change Modules enable flight crew to have readily available life support solutions at a moment’s notice.
•    The industry-recognized and Spectrum Aeromed-invented Seat Rail Adapter allows any aircraft to be converted from
standard configuration to air ambulance configuration in less than 30 minutes.
• Exclusively designed by Spectrum Aeromed, the Medwall, Moveable Overhead and Stretcher Bridge accessories
provide air ambulance teams great flexibility and safety  in mounting auxiliary, carry-o  medical equipment.
•Known as the “Short Box,” Spectrum Aeromed’s 2200 Series quick-change,  advanced life support module contain  
all the components for critical care transport in compact form.It is designed for aircraft with limited  
cabin space and single- or multiple-patient transport needs.