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AFD150 1.5m FlyDrive Antenna

Motorised Flyaway Antenna

The AFD150 FlyDrive 1.5m antenna is a compact, lightweight, fully motorised , auto acquisition capable satellite terminal designed for rapid deployment.

It can be used either as a traditional flyaway or as a semi-permanent vehicle mounted terminal that can be fitted to longitudinal roof bars or most other roof racks using standard fittings. The AFD150 antenna fits into just three sub 32kg IATA airline checkable flight cases (or only two cases for the non-IATA version) . The main antenna case, which also acts as the platform in flyaway mode, houses the up-turned antenna base, azimuth drive, elevation drive, reflector centre section and feedarm base. The second and third cases house the reflector outer segments, feedarm and feed cartridge(s).

The FlyDrive Antenna System, accompanied by lightweight HPA and 5000 series electronics, is ideal for Newsgathering because it can be checked in as hold baggage and on arrival at the destination the system can be installed onto a suitable hire vehicle within minutes.

A similar equipment configuration is also ideal as a temporary IP data terminal for remote deployment to cover specific events or for use as a data terminal for remote video links and/or file transfer during maintenance operations in areas with little or no terrestrial communications infrastructure.

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