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    Update 19 July 2561
    M-Landarch Co., Ltd. has participated in showcasing the products of company at the seminar of the military commander of the Infantry Center for the year 2018 during 18-20 July 2018.
    Update 19 July 2561
    The 9 trainers have been sent to Chicago ,USA for training according to 14 days during 6 -22 July 2018 . Since M-Landarch Co.,Ltd got the contract for Wind Tunnel 14 Ft at Lopburi Province in Tha...
    Update 19 July 2561
    The director of Internal Security Operations Command had signed the contract upgrading Mini UAV from Raven B (Analog) to be Raven DDL with M-Landarch Co.,Ltd on 16 July 2018.
    Update 3 April 2561
    M-Landarch Co., Ltd. as the sole representative of AeroVironment Incorporated has arranged a training course for 31st Infantry Regiment King´s Guard, 23rd Infantry Regiment and 15th Infantry Div...
    Update 27 February 2561
    M-Landarch Co.,Ltd participated in an exhibition with the Department of Army Transportation on the 106th anniversary of the founding of the unit on February 07, 2560.