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M-Landarch Company Limited main business is in trading. All of our clients are in government sectors such as military, government agencies such as The National Intelligence Agency and Law Enforcement agencies such as The Royal Thai Police. M-Landarch Company Limited is registered with the U.S. Department of State (Directorate of Defense Trade Control) of the Arms Export Control Act which entitled us to be an agency for importing Arms Product to the Kingdom of Thailand. We are the representative for various special equipments from a number of the United States companies such as; 1).AeroVironment, Inc. (www.avinc.com)

We are the very first company in Thailand that successfully established a fleet of Mini UAV to the Royal Thai Armed Forces which is the Raven B from AeroVironment Inc.

2). Airborne Payload and Downlink System

We are the first to successfully done the FLIR airborne payload camera with completed downlink transmission systems from Microwave Radio Communication (MRC) company onto the Bell 212. (www.flir.com and www.mrcbroadcast.com)

3).Enstrom Helicopter Corp.

We also represent Enstrom Helicopter Corporation which is the 480B type is in duty as the Army Light Training helicopter. (www.enstromhelicopter.com ).

   Highest quality products for all requirements 
   Well reputation in business 
   Delivering the utmost service and capabilities to our customers 
   Being the preferred provider of technical services for customers’ requirements, integrated systems solutions and precision products 
   Being a team with expertise in selected market segments and operational excellence
   Being growth and well reputation in business 

   Promote the Use of Fix wing and Rotor wing Aircraft
   Promote Detection and Security Product 
   Promote the Necessity of Using Unmanned Aircraft System
   Promote Airborne video downlink

   Promote Aircraft Repair - Maintenance and Integration Services

   AV (AeroVironment, Inc.) 
   Enstrom Helicopter Corp.
   RTR4 (Portable X-Ray Unit) 
   M-International Inc.

   SRC Inc.